Taylor never go out of style

February Friday 13th, somebody will think is a day that brings bad luck. Somebody will be relieved because the weekend is finally here and they don’t work. Somebody will be exited for the date that they will have the day after.
But something greater happened this day, today. Taylor Swift released her new single (not so new to me, since I listen to her album everyday!) “Style” ‘s music video.

Before I get into the comment of the video, I must say that I listen to this song on a daily base because it reminds me of the guy that I have a big crush on. I just love the chorus with the James Dean reference and red lipstick.

The video stars with Taylor’s profile that fades into a cave that has the same profile and I am really hoping that they will give us a BTS video because this is crazy, it must have taken days to find something like that. And we see him on a beach and we hearlarge waves.

Then the music starts and a few images rolls on, we got Taylor barefoot in a forest and we got him in what I guess is a room. Then again this shape of Taylor mixed with a forest.

We can see how he thinks about her and she thinks about him and the story that they had.

Before the chorus starts, we have this image of Taylor and a broken mirror or glass that goes with the lyrics “I know exactly where it leads but I watch us go around and around each time” large-5

You can see it in different ways, but how I see it, it’s that you already have been broken from that person but you can’t resist from going back to him and you know that you will finish broken anyway.

I love the idea of using pieces of mirrors with one of another and maybe showing that they knew who they used to be but they are so different from what they were, especially in the part where she holds a piece of mirror with her own reflection.

Then versus 2 starts and he is in a car, he watch in the rearview mirror and he sees him, this could mean that he’s looking at the past.

And then the scene pass to them being together again, they know they miss each other and what it used to be so they get caught in that circle again.

So for the chorus again, this time, we got a storm, probably all the feelings that they feel for each olarge-4ther, then we got rain that could be feeling bad or that wash away all the pain and then there is the sun coming up again, starting to feel better and at the end the rainbow, because after a storm there is always a rainbow.

Then we got all flashbacks, present images, the “I don’t know what to do about these feelings, are they really gone? are they still there?”

At the end she seems lost in the woods and he is the one to find her because at the end he probably is the one that know her the best.

This is my interpretation of the video of course, it might mean something completely different. However, I think this is definitely one of the best video that I’ve ever saw because it’s not just a playback video, the graphic is absolutely gorgeous.

I was really waiting for this video and it’s stunning. She did an amazing job with it. The general idea is brilliant.

One thing that I noticed is how much she grew up and not in a bad way, like a lot of stars, she is so classy and I am pretty sure that we are growing up together because I’ve never felt so close to her like in the past 2 years and half.

We both got our heart broken and we both decided to focus on ourselves large-3and don’t let some stupid guy to decide our happiness.

It’s really good that I got her as one of my idols, as someone to look up to.

Thanks Taylor, for everything. You never disappoint me. You never..go out of style. (See what I did here?! lol)

Your super fan,


P.S.: one of my colleague said to me the past month “She should know who really loves her” about me being super fan of Taylor and talking about her everyday. I’ve actually convinced one of my colleague to download the album. And now she sings with me.