Hello people,

sorry for being out of the blog for the past two weeks almost. It’s Xmas time again and I am leaving soon for holidays, so a lot of things needs to be done.

Just to do a little recap of what I did:

I went to Winter Wonderland with some friends and I loved it. If you’re ever in London, in this time of the year, you MUST go to Hyde Park and see this fun park. Nothing tells you Christmas more than Winter Wonderland.

Then, I went from Oxford street to Stratford for the xmas presents and I finished them all. It’s the first time since forever that I finish the presents in time, way before I leave for holidays. So proud of me.

Anyway, I watched Gilmore Girls too, twice. I will write a review soon.

This is all for now,  I’ll try to prepare some blogs for the next week till the new year because I’ll be busy.



ThePerksOfTravelling: Week 4

Hello people,


My week was kind of full. On Monday I went to the Apple and I’ve got a new brand phone, way unexpected!

I went there because of a problem with my battery and the guy told me that my warranty expired two days before and you see me thinking about karma and whatever I did badly in my previous life.

But at the end, after a bit of flirting from his side, he gave me a new phone.

And when I came back home, I’ve tried to set up my old phone on this one but it didn’t work for some weird reason.

This brought me to decide to delete my Facebook app. Since the guy made me feel bad when he saw all the social media that I had on my phone.

Wednesday I spent the all day in my pyjamas cause from Thursday I was going to work for 8 days in a row (just 4 left!) because I’ve asked my manager to have the Friday off because… GILMORE GIRLS IS BACK!!!!!!


(I know, I am crazy!)

And then it’s been work work work like Rihanna would say. I went for a walk today, on the riverside, and it was nice.

They put a market and there is “roller disco” (I AM COMING FOR YOU!) and food, books, music etc..

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Well, hope your week was nice too.



P.S.: a friend of a friend came to store and I’ve apparently written his name right after one year that everybody was writing it wrong (he said Jimmy, I wrote Jimmy, not Jamie) and he posted it on snapchat! Am

I famous now?

ThePerksOfTravelling: Week3

Honestly, not much happened this week. I’ve cleaned my phone and deleted more than 4000 pictures!!!!

I’ve did a lot of shopping online tho, I’ve bought a pair of over the knee boots from Zara, a back pack from ASOS and a coat from Stradivarius.

Plus, I sent the present for my dad’s bday that he is not expecting at all. That will be a nice surprise for him, I hope.

For the rest, I’ve worked like crazy (and for that I mean, I’ve got crazy at work!), we finally have the red cups and I’ve found out that they were designed by customers and there is one that I really like with a reindeer. Always talking about work, I am so boring. LOL

Fun fact: I’ve deleted my ex from FB after 3 years. Not that I cared or was stalking him at all, at the beginning was a pride kinda thing but then was a thing more like “you are invisible to me, whatever”.

And then on Wednesday, the election happened and it affected me, a lot. I wrote something about it back on Thursday if you wanna go check it out.

I woke up on Thursday with two texts from two friends “Trump won” and I was like “Am I still sleeping? Is this a nightmare?”. We did such a good progress on empowering women and diversity and equality, and it brought us where? At this awful point? I can’t believe it.

Then working all weekend again,



And I am on time this week YAYAYAYAY… giphy

Simg_7326o this week didn’t start off well, I got really stressed on Mondayimg_7337 at work that I had a cider in the night and though that my life has got to a point where I am tired of the drama that people brings on a daily basis in my life. Plus, winter is here in London, the temperature dropped completely to 4 degrees.

Then on Tuesday I took a bus to get to Oxford Street but theimg_7356 traffic was INSANE, so I got to Trafalgar Square and I walked, in the rain, till Oxford Street, passing by Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street. It was cold but I needed to take a walk and clear my head.

img_7376On Wednesday, after a few days of lovely fog, London was sunny
but it was FREEEEEZZZZZINNGGGGG!!! And I did a lovely 10 hrs at work because CHRISTMAS ARRIVED IN STARBUCKS. So we needed to set up and I had to go to other stores and carry heavy stuff.

What I can tell you is that the day after, I could have barely move my leg. It was hurting like hell, see when you stop going to gym?

The weekend was nice, I focused on cleaning the house and img_7489cooking and I watched one of my fav movie: New Year’s Eve. It’s a tradition of mine when the end of the year is coming up, I like to watch this movie. It always reminds me of what I achieved and what I didn’t. Plus, I love the soundtrack of the movie.

img_7391Another thing is that on Saturday, it was Bonfire Night and when you live on the 10th floor of a building you can see a lot of fireworks.


And this was my week, finishing on today, working.

See you next Sunday,


P.S.: I focused a lot on cooking this week, I made a lot of nice food.

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Sorry guys, I am already late for my first post about the new topic that I created.

From the other side is the last day of the month so what better way to do a recap of this month, shall we?

Nothing major happened apart from having another breakdown about work and deciding at the end to keep it just cause I have to pay bills. I repeat 25 years old and I am already thinking about this.

Anyway, apart from all the bad things that happened and the stress that works gives me on a daily basis.

My cousin and her husband came to visit me for the first time since I moved in here. It was nice but tiring (we walked a lot). I’ve visited restaurants that I didn’t know about and places that I haven’t been to. It was refreshing for once.

And I am honestly the MOST clumsy person on earth, I almost feel down 10 times in one hour. ONE HOUR.

And I met one of the LadyGangers. Finally we are starting all to meet up and we are organising a meet up for Winter Wonderland.

This week I received from my parents a pack from Italy with all nice food. And then today I bought tickets for XMAS! Now I am poor.

See you next Sunday/Monday,




Hellooo, just to let you know, I will be on holiday for next week so I won’t post anything but I will prepare something while I am relaxing, so that when I will be back, you will have a post to read every day 🙂

Have a nice week you guys! Kisses.



Dream trip

What’s your dream travel destination? What would you do to make that trip? I am planning to go to NYC next year, with my best friend. I love America, I think it has so much history that every single town is historical and amazing.

I have a few city and countries that I wanna visit like Australia, Sweden, Greece, Canada,

There is something about flying that I love (and a lot that I hate), I love airports, the rush of catching a flight, saying bye to family and friends, or get back together. It makes me feel alive. It makes me feel like I can do everything.

I do hate tho, people being disrespectful and slow and think that they are the only people in the airport “hello you have other millions of person around you, wakey wakey”
Sorry about my rant!
I’ve created an Instagram account called: “theperksoftravelling_”. I wanted to put together two of the things that I love the most: travelling and photography. Catching special moments like the sun in the London Eye, like the plane flying above beautiful mountains and see how high are these mountains to reach the clouds.

I went to LA, one year I ago, that was the biggest dream of mine, I’ve always wanted to visit the city that never sleeps, and indeed it doesn’t. I fell in love with it, in the moment I landed after a 12 hrs flight in a really uncomfortable plane (when you are too tall and you fly in economy), but I fell in love straight away. I loved the people, the weather, the infinite beaches, the sea. And how everything seems super cool. Plus I went to all the places where they shot “The OC”. That was the best thing ever and I did the tour of the WB studios. Oh, LA! I miss you.

And what’s your trip? What is your dream city? The one that you can’t wait to visit!

I am just landing now to surprise my family, so have a nice week travellers.