Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (Winter)


Just the first minutes makes you wanna cry. If you’ve been a fan of the series since their first beginning, you will remember those familiar notes. And like it happened to me and some friends of mine, you will start to cry and get all emotional.

We have this shot of the gazebo and Lorelai with a cup of coffee, as we know her, and Rory will arrive shortly after. They start to talk super fast, as they’ve known for, and then they go around the town talking about all the weird things happening.

Nothing much happens in this episode still I cried a lot through it. When we see Emily and how she is dealing with the pain of losing her husband and honestly all those flashbacks from the funeral and after funeral were really hard to see.

As we all know, Edward Herrmann, died back in 2014 and we all can see that those tears, that we see in our beloved characters, are actually from the real person behind them.

As we go through the episode, we notice that Lorelai is not the same, she is not keeping any cook in the Dragonfly Inn, after Sookie left. This is making Michel going crazy.

Rory is moving around, she doesn’t have anymore a “home” she stays to Lorelai’s, or to Lane’s, or to Emily’s, or to..Logan’s when she is in London.

That was a big twist of the episode, Logan and Rory are secretly seeing each other even if they’re both in relationships.

Now, I don’t wanna be judgemental, but this is not the Rory that we knew, I understand she is lost but nope. When I saw it the first time I didn’t wanna believe how immature she was acting, but at the end, I understand where the writers wanted to bring these.

In this episode we meet Paul, the guy that everybody keeps forgetting, I don’t even understand why did they even create a character like this one.

And then we have one of the biggest return that we needed: PARIS FREAKING GELLER. And she works in a fertility clinic? That’s just perfect. Poor Luke, he couldn’t understand what he needed to do with those girls.

At the same time, Rory is working on a book with an English woman that everybody keeps telling her that she is..something.

We can see that Help Alien are still rocking and the little boys of Lane and Zac are helping them out.

At the same time the episode it’s working around this “lucky” dress that Rory has but can’t find and one of the best quote from the episode is between Rory and Lorelai when the last one says to her that any outfit without underwear is the lucky outfit.

At the end of the episode, Lorelai goes to apologise to Emily about what happened at the funeral and we see Emily IN JEANS. Just like, the best thing ever. She suggests to the mother that she should go to therapy and at the end Emily makes Lorelai accept to go to therapy with her in a tricky way.

Overall it was a nice episode to start and put the fundamental for the 4 little movies but something was off already and that was the decision for Rory’s storyline, cause she is 32 not 22.

I understand that Amy and Daniel decided to kind of not consider the 7th season, apart from Lane’s children, but this is not the Rory that they built for 6 seasons. I liked Logan when they were 20 and they were going on adventures and do reckless things but not now.
This was a disappointment.

Emily is the best, Kelly Bishop deserves an Emmy for this interpretation of Emily, you can totally see how much she loved the character and how hard she worked on it.

Same goes to Lauren, Lorelai journey is just at the beginning but you can see that she is dealing with the death of Richard in a way that nobody can understand, not even Rory.

For the rest, I love that crazy town and every single person in it.

Coming soon, Spring…