ThePerksOfTravelling: Week3

Honestly, not much happened this week. I’ve cleaned my phone and deleted more than 4000 pictures!!!!

I’ve did a lot of shopping online tho, I’ve bought a pair of over the knee boots from Zara, a back pack from ASOS and a coat from Stradivarius.

Plus, I sent the present for my dad’s bday that he is not expecting at all. That will be a nice surprise for him, I hope.

For the rest, I’ve worked like crazy (and for that I mean, I’ve got crazy at work!), we finally have the red cups and I’ve found out that they were designed by customers and there is one that I really like with a reindeer. Always talking about work, I am so boring. LOL

Fun fact: I’ve deleted my ex from FB after 3 years. Not that I cared or was stalking him at all, at the beginning was a pride kinda thing but then was a thing more like “you are invisible to me, whatever”.

And then on Wednesday, the election happened and it affected me, a lot. I wrote something about it back on Thursday if you wanna go check it out.

I woke up on Thursday with two texts from two friends “Trump won” and I was like “Am I still sleeping? Is this a nightmare?”. We did such a good progress on empowering women and diversity and equality, and it brought us where? At this awful point? I can’t believe it.

Then working all weekend again,


Night Time Routine

I have to say when you finish work at 11 pm and come back home at 12 it’s really hard to keep up a routine. Sometimes it’s more like “let me use a face wipe and go to sleep”

Especially with the eye makeup that I find very hard to take out.

I ain’t genius about makeup so I have found out my own way to remove my makeup.

Step 1: I use a wipe to clean some of the makeup or I wash my face first

Step 2: I take a cotton pad and start to work on my eyes, I have a Dior mascara that it’sreally hard to remove (trust me I’ve tried them all). I use Nivea Eye Makeup Remover Double Effect. 10183085

Step 3: I am a huge fan of Nivea products, they are perfect for my skin so I use a 2 in 1 cleanser&tonic with a cotton pad and start to remove all the rest of my face makeup. And my eyes too cause it’s gentle even on that sensitive part of your face.


Step 4: I wash my face with special face soap that I really like cause it’s foamy. 10125605

Step 5: remove excess make up with another wipe, simple wipe are the best, they don’t burn your eyes and lately, they changed them too and the new formula makes it better to remove makeup.


Step 6: I used various face creams, between Garnier, Boots etc. Now I am using Nivea night cream, I find it really moisturising.


Step 7: I have a detox tea and go to sleep. My choices of tea are a loooot. Like I have various flavours and types. (See picture below)


And then I try to sleep 8 hrs at least. But I tend to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes (especially when I change shift from morning to evening or vice-versa)

That’s all y’all, I am crazy, I know!


Who looked better: Emmys Award Night

In the weekend the famous “Emmys awards” happened.

And you might wanna talk about who won or lose but I just wanna talk about who ‘slayed’ the night.

Favourite dress in absolute:

An amazing cut of the dress, amazing colours and texture. She looked like a queen, I really really loved it. (especially when she won a chapstick with the interviewer, Andy, from Ellen Degeneres, and she puts in a “hidden place”! So funny!!)

But if we need to mention some other dresses:

LEA MICHELE: she absolutely looked marvelous with that sparkling dress, makeup and hair were perfect too. She went to the pre-Emmys Party


Another woman that looked amazing was the Emmy-nominee KELTIE KNIGHT: she wore this yellow dress that made her look radiant. Her hair and makeup were “goals”. She really looked great.


These were my favourites but a few special shoutout: Lisa Rinna, Kerry Washington, Emilia Clarke*, Shiri Appleby.

*I think that Emilia was the most classy one.

Which one was your favourite?