Challenging myself: Drawing.

It was back in August I think, when I saw a post about this young girl drawing Taylor Swift. And her drawing was amazing and the thing is that she actually can create exact replicas of her dresses (like get me one already!). Then one of my friends decided to start drawing Lea Michele and she was/is still good with it that I was like “should I try?”

And I did. Still learning, still trying. But with the advantage of technology, we barely use paper and a pencil and I wanted to challenge myself.img_6463

So first I tried to draw a look from my favourite actress/singer ever: Bethany Joy Lenz. She has been my inspiration since forever, so I wanted to try to draw her first. It’s not the greatest but if you never try, you never know right?

I posted it on twitter and one of the best pages about her told me that they found it really good. That was nice of the girl that wrote it. Sometimes you just need a little compliment to lift you up.

fullsizerenderAnd then I tried to do Taylor’s outfit from a day out with her mum. And I am really proud of the hair, they came out really Taylor-ish.
For this one, I’ve worked on it for a few days, and I had a problem with colouring the top that Taylor was wearing but pretty much, as a second drawing, not that bad.

Anyway, I have much more ideas, I have to challenge myself somehow. Hope you’ll like it.