Hello people,

sorry for being out of the blog for the past two weeks almost. It’s Xmas time again and I am leaving soon for holidays, so a lot of things needs to be done.

Just to do a little recap of what I did:

I went to Winter Wonderland with some friends and I loved it. If you’re ever in London, in this time of the year, you MUST go to Hyde Park and see this fun park. Nothing tells you Christmas more than Winter Wonderland.

Then, I went from Oxford street to Stratford for the xmas presents and I finished them all. It’s the first time since forever that I finish the presents in time, way before I leave for holidays. So proud of me.

Anyway, I watched Gilmore Girls too, twice. I will write a review soon.

This is all for now,  I’ll try to prepare some blogs for the next week till the new year because I’ll be busy.




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