20 things about me

Hello beautiful people,

last week I was tagged by a friend of mine on Instagram with “20 things about you” well, that’s self-explanatory.
So these are my 20 things:

1- I am a nerd 100%

2- I smile even when I am feeling awful

3- I don’t care about people but at the same time I would give a kidney to one of my friends if they will ask me

4- my favourite colour is Black! Like, my soul 😂

5- I am really shy even if it doesn’t seem like

6- Everybody thinks that Taylor Swift is my favourite singer in the whole world (and you are #2 Tay) but actually my favourite singer is Bethany Joy Lenz

7- I went to a concert alone and it was great

8- I’ve decided that this year I will face all the problems that I didn’t face in the past 1 year and half

9- “A walk to remember” is my favourite movie and book

10- I am trying to write a book since three years but still need to finish the first chapter

11- my favourite tv shows of all time are: One Tree Hill, Buffy TVS, Charmed, The OC, Smallville and Gilmore Girls

12- I own a lot of box sets

13- I love photography, graphic and I used to make videos a lot! Like 3 per weeks or two per day and I miss it so much

14- 2014 is known for being one of my worst years ever and if it wasn’t for the song “All too well” by Taylor Swift, I don’t know where I’ll be now

15- I’ve been an independent person for more than 10+ years and I feel like I don’t need anyone

16- I am a cat person (I love dogs too) and I miss my cat a lot

17- I have already a friend that I can call “old friend” since we know each other since we were 11. And we talk to each other every day, it’s like crazy lol it’s been 4 years that I left my hometown and still we talk EVERY FREAKING  DAY lol Love  you Ele.

18- I wanna make 2017 MY YEAR!

19- I’ve been single for a long time 😅still not feeling the need of having that person

20- I feel like I have to post something similar to what Megan posted, I did go through depression a few times and when I was 18/19 I went to a therapist for a few months. Still having anxiety on a regular basis but you gotta keep going, don’t you? 😉

So now I tag all the people that will see this post.

Have fun,



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