ThePerksOfTravelling: Week 4

Hello people,


My week was kind of full. On Monday I went to the Apple and I’ve got a new brand phone, way unexpected!

I went there because of a problem with my battery and the guy told me that my warranty expired two days before and you see me thinking about karma and whatever I did badly in my previous life.

But at the end, after a bit of flirting from his side, he gave me a new phone.

And when I came back home, I’ve tried to set up my old phone on this one but it didn’t work for some weird reason.

This brought me to decide to delete my Facebook app. Since the guy made me feel bad when he saw all the social media that I had on my phone.

Wednesday I spent the all day in my pyjamas cause from Thursday I was going to work for 8 days in a row (just 4 left!) because I’ve asked my manager to have the Friday off because… GILMORE GIRLS IS BACK!!!!!!


(I know, I am crazy!)

And then it’s been work work work like Rihanna would say. I went for a walk today, on the riverside, and it was nice.

They put a market and there is “roller disco” (I AM COMING FOR YOU!) and food, books, music etc..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, hope your week was nice too.



P.S.: a friend of a friend came to store and I’ve apparently written his name right after one year that everybody was writing it wrong (he said Jimmy, I wrote Jimmy, not Jamie) and he posted it on snapchat! Am

I famous now?

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