Music Monday: Boyce Avenue covers

I love to do this Music Monday post in the blog, I feel like it makes me start the week great. This time, I am doing a special edition with only my favourite Boyce Avenue Covers.

If you don’t know Boyce Avenue, it’s a group formed by three brothers that started in 2004 on youtube and now is really big and they since then released 3 albums.

So go check out these covers:

  • Just The Way You Are
  • Beautiful Soul
  • This is what you came for
  • What Makes you beautiful
  • Dream On
  • Fast Car
  • Fix You
  • Everything (Lifehouse)
  • Latch
  • The Scientist
  • All of me
  • Counting Stars/The Monster
  • Story of My Life
  • 7 days



and for their originals I will suggest you:

  • On My Way (Live)
  • Broken Angel
  • One Life
  • Cinderella
  • Ride The Wave
  • Be Somebody


Have a nice week people,


15 thoughts on “Music Monday: Boyce Avenue covers

  1. Maelonni @ Adventures of Maelonni says:

    I love Boyce Avenue! Fast Car & The Scientist are one of my favorite. I’ve never sen them live, but hopefully the next time they come to Seattle I can see them


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