And I am on time this week YAYAYAYAY… giphy

Simg_7326o this week didn’t start off well, I got really stressed on Mondayimg_7337 at work that I had a cider in the night and though that my life has got to a point where I am tired of the drama that people brings on a daily basis in my life. Plus, winter is here in London, the temperature dropped completely to 4 degrees.

Then on Tuesday I took a bus to get to Oxford Street but theimg_7356 traffic was INSANE, so I got to Trafalgar Square and I walked, in the rain, till Oxford Street, passing by Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Regent Street. It was cold but I needed to take a walk and clear my head.

img_7376On Wednesday, after a few days of lovely fog, London was sunny
but it was FREEEEEZZZZZINNGGGGG!!! And I did a lovely 10 hrs at work because CHRISTMAS ARRIVED IN STARBUCKS. So we needed to set up and I had to go to other stores and carry heavy stuff.

What I can tell you is that the day after, I could have barely move my leg. It was hurting like hell, see when you stop going to gym?

The weekend was nice, I focused on cleaning the house and img_7489cooking and I watched one of my fav movie: New Year’s Eve. It’s a tradition of mine when the end of the year is coming up, I like to watch this movie. It always reminds me of what I achieved and what I didn’t. Plus, I love the soundtrack of the movie.

img_7391Another thing is that on Saturday, it was Bonfire Night and when you live on the 10th floor of a building you can see a lot of fireworks.


And this was my week, finishing on today, working.

See you next Sunday,


P.S.: I focused a lot on cooking this week, I made a lot of nice food.

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