Sorry guys, I am already late for my first post about the new topic that I created.

From the other side is the last day of the month so what better way to do a recap of this month, shall we?

Nothing major happened apart from having another breakdown about work and deciding at the end to keep it just cause I have to pay bills. I repeat 25 years old and I am already thinking about this.

Anyway, apart from all the bad things that happened and the stress that works gives me on a daily basis.

My cousin and her husband came to visit me for the first time since I moved in here. It was nice but tiring (we walked a lot). I’ve visited restaurants that I didn’t know about and places that I haven’t been to. It was refreshing for once.

And I am honestly the MOST clumsy person on earth, I almost feel down 10 times in one hour. ONE HOUR.

And I met one of the LadyGangers. Finally we are starting all to meet up and we are organising a meet up for Winter Wonderland.

This week I received from my parents a pack from Italy with all nice food. And then today I bought tickets for XMAS! Now I am poor.

See you next Sunday/Monday,



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