Jana Kramer: her story, her strenght

I think I’ve said it so many times in previous posts how much One Tree Hill (tv show) changed my life in better (and since lately, my life didn’t go in any direction, I feel like I should rewatch it), I haven’t been inspired only by the characters but by the actors too. I’ve supported all of them in any kind of thing they were doing: music or movies or independent movies or appearance in other shows.

So as a fan of the TV show, I am following Jana Kramer’s journey in DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) and she has been so vulnerable and great that I am really inspired by her strength.jana-kramer-e-660

In the past months, she went through a really public divorce, her husband, with whom she has a little daughter (Jolie), cheating on her several times and apparently he is in rehab for sex addiction at the moment. He did apologise on People magazine but that’s not the story that I wanna talk about.

I’ve followed Jana since her decision to leave the show to pursue her music career and she became such a great country artist with two amazing albums.

And now, she honestly talked about her previous marriage, 10 years has been gone and a lot happens, she said that her ex-husband was abusive and almost killed her, he went to jail for it and after he was released, he killed himself.

Jana, you WEREN’T selfish to think that it was a relief, he almost killed you so he probably had more problem that you could understand if he ended his life. I just wanna say, you’re an inspiration, keep going on what you’re doing cause you’re doing amazing.

Your songs inspired billion of people, I included. You were one of the few singers that helped me in a really bad time of my life and even now, where I am losing my way, I see your strength and I love it, it’s inspiring.

We live in a world where most artists show themselves in a way that it’s not classy at all. Thank you, Jana, for being one of those few artists that show her true self and she is not afraid to be vulnerable.

Love, I still believe in you,



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