Beauty and The Beast: Season 1-4 The end!

A few days ago I’ve finished the last season of B&B and even
if they started well with this season at the end, you could have seen throughout the season, that they just wanted to bring back some memories from the previous seasons.ccfeabc7669c87284650b2cea8454ec1.jpg

Kristen & Jay kept their chemistry since the 1st season and they made this couple grow even through all the obstacles!

The production of the TV show was supposed to finish two seasons ago but the fans were so into it that started petitioning like crazy and so they gave another season, a season that we all thought was the last one but.. it wasn’t.

We saw Vincent & Cat as a new couple. We saw them as exes. We saw them falling in love again. We saw them getting (finally) married. We saw them, at the end, as a married

The last episode was really good. They made you think that it’s over but it actually isn’t. And you see me going “no, cmon! Another all season for what? Killing them?! That’s not true. Can’t be.” I was laughing instead of crying. Plus the last minutes are absolutely what made the show what it was, the fact that no matter what and no matter where VinCat are made for save beauty-and-the-beastothers.

Another great thing about the show is the soundtrack, since season 1 they used some covers of famous songs to the original ones that gives you goosebumps:

  • Calling all angels – Train
  • Wherever you will go – Charlene Soraia ( AMAZING COVER!)
  • One – Ed Sheehan (in one of the most romantic scene of the show)
  • Latch – Natalie Taylor

and more..

But those ones are my fav.

Farewell Beauty and The Beast, I loved this ride with you,



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