Review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Year: 2016
Weight: who cares?
Alcohol: way too muchbridget_joness_baby_poster

Oh well, they did it again. Brilliant, funny and it’s definitely ambient to the nowadays.

The plot:

We are back at the beginning, Bridget is a 43 years old single woman, after her relationship with Mark Darcy finished 10 years before.

All her friends are married with kids and she starts to feel the weight of time passing by and if she waits a bit longer for Mr Right, she might not get the baby that she really wants.

After her friends blow her on her birthday, she decided to go to a festival with her co-worker/friend Miranda and there she meets the handsome American named Jack. After a few too many drinks, Bridget had a one night stand with Jack. After a few days, she meets Mark again and they have a moment and Bridget has a one night stand with him as well. These leads to the moment where she founds out that she is pregnant. But who is the daddy?

I totally loved the movie, it’s funny and Renée took completely back her character. It’s just amazing from the first scene that you see her on till the last. Then, we have Patrick Dempsey’s charm, those eyes, that smile, he is just the perfect charming guy. But from the other side, we have Colin Firth as the well known, Mark Darcy, and Colin as that prince charming spell that makes you go “aww”.

So it’s hard to choose between the two of them but I have to say, they both were funny and hilarious at the same time.

Bonus point on the great Emma Thompson that whatever roles she gets, she makes them always great and the doctor is a very important funny character in the movie.

If you are a big fan of the series, you’ll be satisfied with the movie that we’ve all been waiting for. At least I was.


(all by myself) Francesca


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