The Intern Review


Last Friday morning, I turn on my Sky Cinema and this new movie was uploaded called “The Intern”, only for the cast it was already intriguing: Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway.


The plot is:

CEO Jules Ostin decides to do a “Senior intern program” and seventy-year-old widower Ben Whittaker applies for this position that, with other people, he will get.

The company is about fashion that Jules created by herself.
Ben is assigned to work with Jules and slowly they get really close, kinda like a father-daughter relationship.

Ben tries to not be too much strong on Jules, that honestly doesn’t like people that notice too many “wrong” things in her life or as she said: too observant. Slowly she gets to appreciate Ben.

But a lot of things are happening in her life, they wanna put a co-CEO to deal with the success of her company and her private life is not that great either. Will Jules learn how to relax? Will Jules let Ben help her ?

I have to say, these kind of “independent” movies are my favourite. The movie is funny and smart. It makes you think that if you work hard you could achieve everything and if you create something genius you could achieve something great.

And that your life doesn’t have to be over when you are 70-ish years old and that you can use your wisdom to inspire the today’s young.

Another point of the movie is YOU CAN DEFINITELY BE A WORKING MOM, why people should still have problem about that?!

I really recommend this movie if you need a nice Sunday movie and nothing heavy. You are gonna laugh for sure.

“It’s 2015, are we really still critical of working mums?”



Rate: 6/10


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