Who looked better: Emmys Award Night

In the weekend the famous “Emmys awards” happened.

And you might wanna talk about who won or lose but I just wanna talk about who ‘slayed’ the night.

Favourite dress in absolute:

An amazing cut of the dress, amazing colours and texture. She looked like a queen, I really really loved it. (especially when she won a chapstick with the interviewer, Andy, from Ellen Degeneres, and she puts in a “hidden place”! So funny!!)

But if we need to mention some other dresses:

LEA MICHELE: she absolutely looked marvelous with that sparkling dress, makeup and hair were perfect too. She went to the pre-Emmys Party


Another woman that looked amazing was the Emmy-nominee KELTIE KNIGHT: she wore this yellow dress that made her look radiant. Her hair and makeup were “goals”. She really looked great.


These were my favourites but a few special shoutout: Lisa Rinna, Kerry Washington, Emilia Clarke*, Shiri Appleby.

*I think that Emilia was the most classy one.

Which one was your favourite?




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