Orlando Pulse shooting: Tony Marrero’s story

One thing of America TV programs is that they have plenty of this talk show: we have morning talk show, afternoon talk show, late talk show, late late talk show.

Some of them are nice and good and I like to watch them on YT, even if I am from the other part of the world.

Well, a lot of people knows Ellen DeGeneres, a lot doesn’t (I know, it’s weird!)

Anyway, she just started her 14th SEASON! That’s a lot of them, she is one of my favourite host, she is funny and kind. She knows how to ask difficult questions, she helps SO many people, SO many that it’s unbelievable.

Every episode she gives something to someone, in the audience or charity. And she always ends the episodes saying “Be kind to one another”.

This time, she interviewed one of the survivors of the shooting happened in Orlando back in June. The story of this guy is heartbreaking, I dare you to watch the interview without crying, cause I saw it twice and I was bawling.

Tony Marrero’s story is so inspiring, you know there is a quote that says “When you fall you have two options: you either stay down or get back up and work harder” ? Well, his story is the fact that he had the strength to keep it going. To stay strong till someone was gonna rescue him.

He really is so inspiring, you all should watch the interview that I am gonna post at the end of this.

Tony Marrero was shot 4 times in his back and he had to pretend to be dead and waited for a policeman to guide him through the exit because he couldn’t get up and the police officer couldn’t just take him out since the shooter was still inside, so Tony had to drag himself out.

Ellen heard about his story and invited him to the show and not only that, Katy Perry’s song Rise helped Tony a lot, during everything he went through.

Of course, Ellen brought Katy into the show too. And an amazing moment was for Tony.

Life is short, you never know when someone will drag you down, and if someone like Tony got through everything, still fighting and recovering is everything. We all can do it.




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