So, all the time I thought I could have work a lot, I WAS WRONG PEOPLE.

I’ve decided, since uni didn’t go through, that I could have started in another way to become a director. ANYTHING, I would have take (I still do), to get on the right path to my dream job.

A few months ago, the beginning of the summer, I’ve decide to post my CV on this site that I founded by chance on google. After a few week, a woman, emailed me and asked me if I was interested in a “volunteer” job for a movie, that she and some students were making. I just needed to match audio and video, a simple ADR process you’d think but..

I am working full time in one of the busiest Starbucks in London and at the same time, I am trying to have what I call “ a social life”, so it ain’t be easy.

Plus, there was summer holiday in the between and who, honestly, wants to do some extra work during holiday?

At the end, I’ve managed to finish all the scenes in a week time but honestly guys, whoever has parents doing double jobs, or friends doing double jobs (and this wasn’t even a proper double job!!!), just tell them THEY HAVE MY FULL RESPECT.

So, since I’ve finished this project now I wanna focus on (finding another job first!) writing the book that I’ve been try to write in the past 4 years.

I’ll keep you posted!!




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