Q&A time 🙋🏻

What’s your name? FrancescaHow old are you? 25.. If you really need to know

How old are you? 25.. If you really need to know

Where do you live? London, U.K. (Since 2012)

Where are you from? Rome, Italy (since 1991)

What’s your favourite colour? Black. (Blue.)

What’s your favourite song at the moment? Summer song that it’s creating more scandal than ever “This is what I came for”

Which song describes your life? Welcome to my life by Simple Plan. Get it right by Glee Cast

Which one is your favourite TV show? One Tree Hill

Why? The list of reasons is way too long but to make it short: it taught me more than anything else in my entire life.

Which one is your favourite movie? Why? A walk to remember, cause their love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.

Which one is your favourite singer? Bethany Joy Lenz ( not a lot of people know her) and Taylor Swift (DUH)

Which one is your favourite actress? Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, Julia Roberts.

Say 3 items that you always have with you: my wallet, my phone, my headphones (if I don’t lose them)

What do you have in your bag now? Oh my, I am on a flight right now, so I have tons of stuff: a magazine, my make up bag, cleans wipes, portable charger, passport, flight tickets, present for my niece, wallet, water, hairbands, clips, iPad, headphones, my phone and much more stuff lol

How many concerts have you been to till now? Soo many, going to concert it’s one of the things that I love the most.. I think 10+ concerts in all my life till now.

What is your biggest fear? Losing my family, keep failing..lately is even being alone, something that I never have been scared of.

What’s your dream? What would you like to achieve for yourself? Becoming a director, change somebody’s life with telling my story. Baby steps, but I am starting.
So go outside and achieve your dreams.


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