Dream trip

What’s your dream travel destination? What would you do to make that trip? I am planning to go to NYC next year, with my best friend. I love America, I think it has so much history that every single town is historical and amazing.

I have a few city and countries that I wanna visit like Australia, Sweden, Greece, Canada,

There is something about flying that I love (and a lot that I hate), I love airports, the rush of catching a flight, saying bye to family and friends, or get back together. It makes me feel alive. It makes me feel like I can do everything.

I do hate tho, people being disrespectful and slow and think that they are the only people in the airport “hello you have other millions of person around you, wakey wakey”
Sorry about my rant!
I’ve created an Instagram account called: “theperksoftravelling_”. I wanted to put together two of the things that I love the most: travelling and photography. Catching special moments like the sun in the London Eye, like the plane flying above beautiful mountains and see how high are these mountains to reach the clouds.

I went to LA, one year I ago, that was the biggest dream of mine, I’ve always wanted to visit the city that never sleeps, and indeed it doesn’t. I fell in love with it, in the moment I landed after a 12 hrs flight in a really uncomfortable plane (when you are too tall and you fly in economy), but I fell in love straight away. I loved the people, the weather, the infinite beaches, the sea. And how everything seems super cool. Plus I went to all the places where they shot “The OC”. That was the best thing ever and I did the tour of the WB studios. Oh, LA! I miss you.

And what’s your trip? What is your dream city? The one that you can’t wait to visit!

I am just landing now to surprise my family, so have a nice week travellers.



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