Last week was such an awful week for the world. Nice was attacked by terrorist, 84 people were killed. The day after the attack another tragedy happened in Turkey 265 people was killed.

And still, I don’t understand how people care more about a stupid feud between pop stars, that are clearly trying to get attention cause people have a more serious problem to think about than them.. but I am wrong on this too.

Last week, one of the most famous DJ known as Calvin Harris decided to throw some shit on her ex-gf, after, her peeps, decided to release the news that we all known from the beginning, that she wrote his late single. So instead of being thankful for it, he decided to create a scandal. (Just to get more attention on a song that already is the summer hit.)

Now, let’s get some straight point, yes I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift, I’ve followed her for 10+ years, but my friends knows that I am objective on everything. I’ve been a huge fan of a lot of people, but in the moment they strike something wrong, I am out.

So my question is easy, how people care more about tearing down a person, that honestly is just taking some time off, instead of caring about this world that we live in.

I am just tired, to get on Twitter and see people tearing down a pop star that it’s not doing anything wrong from my POV.

I mean, let’s say the story in another way, okay?

“We have ‘Beth’ in the picture, she is a young girl, she just turned 18 and she finally made it in the big music world, her dream since she was 11. When she was in middle school, she was bullied, like we all are, just cause she preferred staying home with the family, and sing and write songs than going out with friends and be cool. In high school, she started to have the first boyfriends, first heartbreaks, first crushes (like WE all do) but she hasn’t been lucky in love. She was cheated on, she was lied on. (like it happens to all of US)
Let’s skip 10 years forward, ‘Beth’ is the most famous singer in the world, and one of the richest one. She made billion of dollars, she sold millions of albums, won thousands award and still she is the most hated person in the world.
She wrote a song about all the haters, actually two songs, and became even more famous. What people don’t know is that ‘Beth’, didn’t use only her breakups to write songs, she wrote songs about a friend that died, she wrote a song about a little kid with cancer cause his story touched her so much that she wanted to do something for his family, she wrote songs about friendship, she wrote songs for her friend’s love and heartbreaks.
So Beth only did what she loves: songwriting. Still, people prefer to tear her down cause she is this crazy boyfriend addicted person.”

Does it sound different to you if I change the name? Does it sound awful? Does it remind you of one of your friend who has been cheating on?

What if Taylor was a boy? Will she have the same hate? Cause it took Calvin one tweet and nobody I saw, judge him for it, right? (and he has history about tearing ex gf down)

And now we have other two nemeses of TS, “the Kardashian’s clan”, let’s say that I didn’t know anything about them till they started to hate on Taylor or with the transgender “scandal”, that’s how much I care about people that think that showing their naked body on Instagram is the way to show that you can accept yourself whatever size you are, that’s bold to show your naked body, HELL NO! I can love myself, my body without showing my boobs or my ass to the entire world, it’s not sexy, it’s vulgar, gross, whatever you wanna put it.
Let’s get back to the point.. so the lovely clan, famous for.. what honestly? (Apart from Caitlin, the only good thing about that family) just tearing people down and showing boobs and a reality show that I’ve never watched cause I have a life to live??

So, they recorded this video, whatever, where Taylor DOESN’T (listen to it, people), approve the real lyrics of the most hideous song ever, (cause if the only way to make yourself popular is to show naked celebrity body in your music video, I am sorry for you!) she founds it funny and whatever, but still she didn’t sign off for everything that happened after and for the right lyrics.

Selena Gomez, Taylor’s BFF, of course, like any best friend would do, kinda defended her friend but she got attacked for a stupid thing like she didn’t write about the terrorist attacks? So what? Do you think this will make things better? Plus, anyone is free to write whatever they want, that doesn’t make you less human or that you show that you don’t care. Fuck off people. What do you think? That you tearing down and bully someone cause it’s famous, makes you a better person? No, it freaking doesn’t. You should all grow up.

Yes, it’s weird her relationship with Tom Hiddleston, but honestly, it’s her life, not mine. As long as she keeps her clothes on (something impossible in this business) and she writes her songs, I am fine with it.

Now the world, instead of thinking about what should we do about these freaking terrorist attacks and care more about going outside and live their life, prefer to talk about these. Stop watching your phone or tablet or laptop and just go outside and look around you.

And with this, I finish, I just had enough of the drama..




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