How to chase the job of my dream?

I can totally say that I hate my job. I used to be super passionate about it, I wanted to learn more and more, I’ve made good friends but then everything changed and the pressure of being perfect for the company made me start to go mental.

And let say that have co-workers that do everything else, except work, make me piss off even more. IMG_2919

I’ve grown up with the ethic of work. My grandpa opened his business with my grandma and they passed it over to my dad and my uncle, they freaking work for 50+ years and they do a really hard job and never complain about anything.

I know, it’s different when you are your own boss, but you know ETHIC. It’s work, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, it’s not school anymore.

I wish I had the power to fire a few people cause it would be easier for a lot of people, not only me.

I’ve tried since January to get into university and everybody refused me, so I won’t wait another year for it, I really really really need to start the job of my dreams. The job that doesn’t want to make me cry every day and stuffed with junk food and drink 3 bottles of wine by myself.IMG_3008

If only I could find a volunteer job in anything about production, I’d really like to start from the bottom, I won’t mind, I did worst than bringing coffee and food to people.

But how do I do that? How do I chase something without having experience or degree?

If you can help me, that’d be great.

A really tired barista,




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