A little catch up..

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve disappeared again. Busy woman. Busy busy.
To do a quick catch up on my life..I’ve found myself and who I wanna be. FullSizeRender
I am not and don’t wanna be anymore, the girl that sits down and hopes every day that a guy will notice her and will drive in the sunset (LOL! Cheesy!) I am just me and I like ME! For now, I think that the best thing to do is focus on my life and what I really wanna do for my future, like for real. Don’t wanna waste time anymore.
I don’t know maybe it’s a lucky moment, maybe it’s the excitement for the latest news that I had in my life. Maybe is the good things that happened. Whatever I feel great and that’s the important thing.
From the plenty of things that happened in the past months, I’ve got the chance to meet three famous actors. Two just showed up in my store and , I have admit, that I didn’t recognise the first till one of my colleagues started to fangirl!! That was funny. The actor was the Oscar winner for the movie “The theory of everything”, Eddie Redmayne .
And I have even mispelled his name! Poor him. He’s a famous actor and still I haven’t recognise him at the moment. Actually, if I have to be honest, I thought he was a regular customer because he was familiar! (Yeah I know!) And I finally watch the mo
vie and I have to say is mind-blowing. Amazing. Totally deserved the oscar.

The second actor was from Beauty and the Beast and Covert Affairs, okay he’s not super famous, he’ll do even the new Heroes that everybody is waiting: Sendhil Ramamurthy and I have to say that I’ve recognise him but I was too shy to ask something.

Then a few months ago I went to see “McQueen” at Theatre and not only I’ve met a vidder from YT, I’ve met, talked and took a picture with the amazing Dianna Agron, still can’t believe it. She was amazing. And the play is really great, with some strong characters and arguments that made me tear up a bit. stephen_wight_as_lee_and_dianna_agron_as_dahlia_in_mcqueen_credit_specular_rsBut, it was totally worth seeing it, not just because after 5 years I’ve finally had the chance to talk to Dianna and take a picture (I went to Giffoni Experience!), because she was amazing and unfortunately, as happy as I am that the play will still go on in another theatre, she won’t be part of it. Sad news. But I just wish her the best for her new movie.

Another famous person that I’ve saw in my store was.. wait for it.. Anastacia. She is so tiny and so cool and smiley. And of course I was too shy in that moment too. haha And now she is on tour so I’ll see you when you come back. I’ve grew up listening to her songs and my favorite of all time was/is: You’ll never be alone. If you’ve never listen to this song, you must.IMG_3860

A part from this rush of celebrities, I’ve got to spend some time with my family at the beginning of this month and I am going to LA in a week. My lifetime dream is gonna be true, still can’t believe it and I can’t wait.

If you ever been to LA or you are from LA and you wanna give me some advice, go for it.

And then I am just trying to live my life daily, without planning much, but I am starting to plan something for September/October.

Talk to you soon guys,



One thought on “A little catch up..

  1. faithiscrazy_ says:

    Leggo solo ora.. Cioè, non hai riconosciuto Eddie. EDDIE! Ahahahah Dio che darei/farei per vederlo anche solo da lontano per mezzo secondo.. 😍 😍


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