Back when I used to live with my parents, I used to fight with my mom every single day. Big fights. We have the same stubborn attitude. We both wanted my dad in our sides. Poor him, he was always going crazy.

We were like little kids fighting everyday for stupid things, most of the time. Then I left home, I left the country and flight to another one.

Since then, my relationship with my mom (and actually with my family) it’s completely changed. I am more honest with them, I talk with my mom honestly about (almost) everything. More time I spend without them, far away, more I miss them, more I understand how much I am missing of their life and I am trying to know everything they do or eat or whatever moment they pass every single day.

Back in February, when it was my mom birthday, I’ve sent her a card with these two songs written on it:

– The Best Day by Taylor Swift

– The Perfect Fan by Backstreet Boys

Because they kinda say what I’ve never say to her, because I felt too stupid to say that you love your mom, you know, teenager time.

But anyway, spread the love to your moms today, they will appreciate it more than ever. Because they’ll do everything for you, trust me.


Ps.: Let me go call my mom on viber.


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