Don’t Stop Believin 2009-2015

It was back in 2005 when I was already watching a lot of tv shows in english instead of waiting that they will be aired in my country, where it’s all started.

It was back in 2005 when I was on youtube and a lot of people were using these cover from famous songs. Especially one, I was obsessed with, it was the cover of “Keep Holding on”. Months were passing but I still didn’t start that tv show that later on would have been a completely change of mind.Glee-glee-6211974-2560-1922 After I knew that it was only one episode left [of that tv show] that was supposed to aired, I’ve decided to start it, and I’ve become obsessed with it. Glee was one of those tv show that I watched in 2 days, and after the second season aired, I’ve watched both of them in a week. Okay, I may have not been there from day one. Proper day one. I’ve actually had the pilot always on my laptop but never found the time of watch it, and when I did it, I didn’t like it. I have to admit that I was really bored. Then, everything changed, I was listening to the cover of the songs, and I fell in love with every single voice. I fell in love with main male character. I fell in love with the diversity of the main female character. I fell in love with that group of outsider because after all, I was still in high school, and I wasn’t a cool kid. I’ve personally fell in love with every single version of “Don’t Stop Believing” in the show. It’s like, it never gets old. It’s just gets you emotional.

Since then, I’ve never missed an episode, I’ve loved and hated this tv show. I’ve loved and hated some characters. Even my favorite ones. Except one, never did with him. He was genuine brilliant. Glee changed the way for people to see the world, in a good way for some, and in a bad way for others.S5Cast Glee started a different era for tv shows. Everyone is the same, nobody is different. It made you feel special, because being a part of something special makes you special right? And as much as, I think, the tv show lost his way after the first three amazing season, it still makes you feel good. Music is the main character, original songs like “Get it right” or “Loser Like me” just makes you feel like this show understands YOU. “What have I done? I wish I could run away from this ship going under. Just trying to help, hurt everyone else.” God, if that song changed my life. Never, ever, I’ve heard a song that fits me more than ‘Get it right’ and they tried again to write original songs but it’s impossible to do something better than that. Glee is the show that affected me the most, it’s definetely my second favorite tv show, but why did it affected me that much?562679_10201644670024445_1161699252_n It was back in July 2013, I woke up and I’ve just looked at what time it was and I saw a private message from a friend on twitter and it was a confusing message because it said something like “I’ve just heard about Cory” and I didn’t know. And I couldn’t understand. When I went on twitter I saw what happened and I was under shock, I couldn’t even cry, I couldn’t believe. Then a lot of text from a lot of people came, I said to my flatmate as well and they laughed about it and I couldn’t handle it (They apologise later on. Because they didn’t thought that I was saying the truth!) and I went to work and we had the big screen because of a game and after that finished, his face came on, and I couldn’t cry because I was at work. I’ve never been affected that much, still now, after one year and half, I can’t watch the old 1002355_10201814780037089_811967977_nepisodes, I’ve managed to watch a few, but I can’t. It’s still hard. A lot of people will say bad thing, like he wanted that, he went after it, but I don’t care. I know what I know and people can just talk. So Glee changed a lot after that. People that was insulting his character in the tv show were all sad too. (Consistency of people on what they think!) but whatever, we sticked together in that hard time. I am personally attached to every single actor. I’ve got to know every single one. I was so happy when Cory got in a movie called “Montecarlo” and I was so mad because I’ve been in that city for all my life and when I had to, I wasn’t there. When Lea, oh god Lea, she achieved so much. The movie, the album, the book, I am so proud of what she is and she did. Matthew, how amazing it’s his voice? I’ve loved his first album and I so wanted to see him live.Rs_1024x512-141218123806-1024.glee-publicity-photo-season-6 Darren, I was so proud of him when he told us that he was going to Broadway. I mean that a great achievement. I think I’ve cried because I was really happy for him. But the most amazing one I think it’s Chris, god, this guy grew up so much. And he wrote 3 books, he directed and wrote his own movie and he is just so inspiring. He’s gonna do amazing thing in his life. And I am just happy for everything that happened to the other. I’ve followed every single one of them in what they did in their past 6 years and I hope I will be able to still catch up on their next projects. So, Glee finished yesterday, we still need to see 4 episodes but it’s over. They finished to shoot. It’s kind of overwhelming because I grew up with these kids, I was there with them and they were there for me. They still are and always will be. Glee taught how to not stop believe in myself, in my family, in my friends, in my dreams and in everything. Something better will always come, even if life is rough and hard, you will find your way to get through to it. And music helps always.10930146_926602744028679_6062183315055651225_n Thank you Glee, for teaching me how to believe in myself and how to accept myself and others. No matter what. Thanks for making me know Lea, Cory, Dianna, Chris, Darren, Naya, Amber, Heather, Kevin, Harry, Jenna, Matthew and all the amazing cast during the last 6 years. So thank you everybody, your unlucky fan that never had the chance to see you live, and Goodnight Glee, Francesca P.S.: I could talk about it for ages but you won’t read all the post if I will.


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