A new year. A new life.

Hello everybody, sorry if I haven’t been around since before my holidays, but I had a few busy weeks.

First of all: Happy new year. I hope that this year started good. For me, it kinda did.superthumb

Trying to look at the positive sight of things, staying on my point and understand why 2014 went really wrong and what I have to do to not make the same mistakes again.

Right now I am facing a new challenge in my life, I’ve been promoted to my job. And they just told me that they are gonna move me to another store, I was kind of upset when they told me but not because of the moving part but how they told me. Like I didn’t have choice. But instead of grlargeowing that disappointment I’ve decided to shake it off.

A part from that, I’ve decided to just live my life as much as I can, going on with myself and even if sometimes it’s hard, I find actually to be in a good place with who I am right now.
And of course, even if I want having that special person sometimes, especially when all my friends have someone, I feel great to be by myself, I don’t feel ready to put myself out there, I don’t feel ready to get hurt again. (Yeah, I still like that customer tho!)

I will just try to see what this year will bring and decide for myself but being more present for my friends. Trying to find something in the middle that doesn’t make me selfish. I am not gonna go for a new year a new me, shitty thing. I am just saying a new life because I’ve actually a lot to deal with.



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