Review Arrow 3×09

Since One Tree Hill finished, I didn’t get attached to a lot of tv shows. Not a lot of them had the great 298709_264496346917956_374224540_nstoryline that couldn’t make me wait to see another episode, and made me so obsessed that all I could think about was the amazing, breathless, epic cliffhanger of the previous episode.

I may have had a few that I am actually enjoying watching: Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Arrow. There was Glee as well, but not only, I think they ruined everything with the 4th 1175463_424440107675778_1999151761_nseason (damn if only they did that spin off), everything was lost after Cory’s death. And I can’t think or talk about that because it will just make me go to a place that I don’t like. And I had a pretty good day today.

Anyway, let’s get to the point. I didn’t have any breathless moment since last week episode of Arrow. OMG. Since I saw it, I can’t stop to watch videos about it.

The episode was so perfect that it didn’t seems like 40 minutes, more like 10. And when it finished I was like: “WTF?! NO WAY! THIS IT CAN’T HAPPEN. IT CAN’T. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE.”large-4

I literally went obsessed about it. I think right now, all the fans of the show saw it so I will give the spoiler, Oliver has been stabbed to death. This cannot happen. The show is called Arrow. He is Arrow. They can’t kill him.

But that was a freaking genius cliffhanger. Nobody will expect that the writers will kill their main character.

The fact is that all the episode was amazing. How Oliver just knows that he will lose so he starts to say his goodbyes and the one with Felicity made me shout, cry, shout, cry and stopped the episode and watch the scene again because I couldn’t keep going with the episode without watching that again.large-3

“And the second thing?” “I love you” and then he just left. But it was the way he said that, and his face expression while he was saying it. Just pure love. When you are 100% sure that you love someone.

I like even the fact that she didn’t say anything because the moment was too perfect.

Then let’s talk about how much I hate Thea. Seriously can’t stand her. I don’t even remember if I’ve ever liked her.
large-2Okay, I understand that you wanna have a relationship with your dad and he saved your life, but cmon, he is so evil that how stupid are you to not see that?!

And at the end who is always protecting her? His brother. And if he’s dead, who has the blame? His lovely dad. Because if he didn’t drug her to kill Sarah, he’d not go to save her freaking ass. (sorry, can’t stand her!)

And about Sarah, I understand why Laurel doesn’t wanna say that to her dad but more we wait, more we know that when it will happen, it will be devastating. I’ve always thought that her mom was a genius and she just had the mother instinct that told her that her beautiful daughter was dead.

The episode was great. The writers wrote it perfectly. The scenes were shoot amazingly.

I really don’t know what they are gonna do with the plot now. How they are gonna work with this, but I have some ideas:

– Oliver is gonna come back completely changed or back to be the old Oliver where revenge was the only thing important for him.

– Oliver will finally embrace the good thing of his life and will try to make Thea understand how wrong she was about her dad.

– Oliver completely forgets about everybodylarge-5

I have actually have no clue but can’t wait to see the episode in January.

Stephen Amell is the master. I love him.


heartbroken Francesca.

credit: picture by me or weheartit


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