The singer that helped me to feel.

It was back in 2007 when a music video called “Teardrops of my guitar” had starring one of the actor from my favorite tv show ever. At that time, I couldn’t imagine that the singer would have changed my complete life after that.

Straight after that song came out, one of my classmate of that time suggested me to listen to a song called “Our song” and I knew already that song because the fact that THAT singer was a fan of my favorite tv show made me already a fan of her. Even if she was blonde. And it was a time that I didn’t like blonde girls (and I became one some year after!).IMG_5823

Well, if you still didn’t get it, the singer was the amazing human being that is Taylor Swift.

Yesterday, it was Taylor’s birthday. Her magic number 13, that somehow, it became a lucky number for me too.

AIMG_5943 lot of people don’t like her and don’t understand why is she so popular because she doesn’t have a strong voice or she is too skinny or she is a kid because she sings only about her ex boyfriends. Well, that’s just general knowledge that media likes to talk about.

If you just will give her a try and understand her true story, you may understand a lot about that ex girlfriend of yours that broke your heart or actually what you did to her when you decided to cheat on her.

But Taylor doesn’t sings only about this, she wrote a song for a kid that died of cancer, she goes to visit fans in hospitals and sings with them, she writes about having fun and be yourself because there is nothing wrong in that. She writes about being that shy dork that can’t take the courage to say to a guy that she likes him.

Taylor saved me a lot, especially in the past year. She was the only thing that I was holding on to. She was the one that made me understand that it’s right to feel a lot.

IMG_5855Taylor just writes everybody story.

She reminds you about being Fifteen and believe so much in love that you are too naive to understand when it’s not real.

And then when you thought that you had the first real Love Story but he was only playing with you and he just liked the attention. But you are so in love with love that you are just waiting for someone to show up on The Other Side of The Door.
Taylor taught us that it’s normal to have a crush on a Superstar and don’t be ashamed of it, instead sing to him and scream his name, even if you are just a normal girl.

More time pass, more I relate to her, and I feel like we are both experiencing the same thing. Especially when you just believe so much in someone, when you are just 100% yourself and they leave you behind and all that you are left with are the memories that you remember All Too Well. And even if you thought at that time that it would have last Forever And Always, you are just left with a broken heart.

But then you have that moment when you understand that they are just another Picture To Burn and that you have to pick up all the pieces and Begin Again.

And when they reach back to you, you just have to let them know that “All You Had To Do Was Stay”.

Tay made me realize how much I love simply a month of the year and all I wanna do is gIMG_5910o Back To December all the time because something amazing always happens. But especially she taught me that people will always be Mean and the only way to get over them it’s to Shake It Off because if you get angry, you just waste a lot of energy that you can use in something else. Something better.

Well, I can just say: Thank you Taylor. I saw you twice and it was a great experience both of times. I just wished I could have actually talked to you and make you understand that I don’t feel like a normal fan but that I actually understand your real message in a lot of songs.

I wish I could see you the next year too but I don’t think I’ll be able to.

I hope you had The Best Day yesterday,


Franc    esca


3 thoughts on “The singer that helped me to feel.

  1. faithiscrazy_ says:

    Giuro che un post su Taylor (e sopratutto sulle sue canzoni) lo sto pensando da giorni anche io.. ascolto tanti artisti, e tanta musica diversa, ma mi rendo conto che il modo in cui Taylor riesce, con le sue canzoni, a descrivere gran parte della mia vita finora non c’è mai riuscito nessun’altro!


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