To who left me behind.

Dear friend, you know that I really needed you? I had what I think it was the worst year of my life and I needed YOU. And you just left me behind for some misunderstAnding, and actually for a period you even made me think that it was my fauLt, that our friendship was ending because of me. When at the end you decided to leave Because I wasn’t living the same thing. I was hurt and lost and instead of help me get through that shit, you just mAde me go down more. You buried me. 

So it took me months to understand that I didn’t do anything wrong, that there wasn’t anything that I could do to Keep you with me. You decided to tell me a lie instead of beIng brave and tell me the truth. You decidEd that I wasn’t useful for you anymore, or that I haven’t helped you to foRget everything. There I understood that you weren’t worth it Anymore, that I didn’t have to think about you anymore, that you weren’t enough for me to eveN waste my time hating you.

So I’ve started to be stronger everyday and keep up my walls.

But I wanted to thank you because I’ve Grow up and I understood that not a lot of people deserve me. That I don’t have to be nice with everybody, especially when they screwed me over after I take some big important decisions. Or when I was there for you when you needed mE the most, when we woke up with a terrible news and I was there holding you, when I didn’t take any sides when everybody was hating you, when I protected you and helped as Much as I could. But then it was easier to get over it than actually facing me and tell me what wAs the problem. Well, thanks to you, my friend, I’ve learned a lot, I’ve lost a lot but I’ve found out more than I thought I would. I just would like to know if, one day, you’ll understand the big mistake that you made.


your old friend


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