It’s just a story: Life is a super fast roller coaster.

“She couldn’t believe that she found it, that thing called happiness. Everything was right in that moment in her life, she had friends that loved her, she had a boyfriend, someone to rely on. Every pieces in her life was right, it seemed like her life had a meaning, like she could have been happy.
But then it happened, like when in a sunny beautiful day, you don’t expect a storm, with lightning and dark.

All that happiness was taking from one day to another and was followed only by darkness, no light. Everything was only black, there was no white anymore. And thinking about every other color was impossible.  
And nobody could understand how difficult was for her, so she started to fake happiness so that they won’t look at her with pity eyes.
At some point, she was so used to pretend, that she just lost herself, like nothing was important, nothing cared anymore to her.

Months passed by and everytime she was trying to get up, be the woman that she knew she could have been, something would have bring her down again.

And she got used to be in her protective castle, with all those big, high walls that were protecting her from everything outside and from herself too.

Time was passing by and she was losing a lot of people that at the end didn’t deserve her in their life.IMG_9400

Nothing would have make her happy, not finding a new job, a house, her friends. Everything was lost.

She learned a lot from what happened, she accepted herself even in her sadness. She understood that there wasn’t something wrong in her but maybe there was something wrong in the people around her that were too selfish to wanted to help her during that deep darkness.

And then it happened, she found a little light coming thought that darkness and she is trying to grab it everyday. Hoping that it’s her happiness coming back again, that something will change. Something will be better.

And even if the road is only uphill and everything seems hard and there are days where she doesn’t have faith, she fights with all her strenght.IMG_8663

Life seems to her like  a sunny day, the storm comes and then suddenly it’s sunny again and you are just confused.

Life is hard and difficult but she’s not stopping, she is just accepting every moments, good or bad, she can only learn from that.

Life is a super fast roller coaster, you just need to live every second.”





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