Living in London: Post about English vs Italian

The other day I saw a post in a blog about Londoners. The person that wrote it was italian and she has been living in London for a while.

This girl was kind of saying that english people are not nice, that they are rude, especially if you work in restoration.

Well, I have to say that she is wrong. Not completely but the fact is that everybody knows how italian are the worst.

I mean, I am italian and I can say that. I’ve been living in London for almost two years and every time that I’ve had a italian customer, I was ashamed. And I’ve always asked if I was like them, because I would hate myself if I am.

English people would not be perfect but they are much better. I have loads of english friends and I’ve met so many, even just in the street or in the pub or in the supermarket. And every single time I was finishing with saying “I love english people”. 

Just think about, loads of people from all around the world coming to your country and “stealing” jobs from you, you’ll be pissed off with them. Instead they just ask you where are you from and why did you decide to change country.

I’ve had the best conversation with some old men that opened my mind completely about my life. And they were british and they actually wanted to know about me, not just being polite.

So, of course there are some customers that makes you wanna smash their faces and make them bleed (a little bit drastic?!?) but there are like a 15% on 100% and maybe they are not even british.

And I’ve found out that italians are the worst. Like it’s the 15% good on 100% and that’s one of the reasons why I still didn’t come back to Rome because I hate those people.

I might be mean but seriously, working in a coffee shop, made me realise how bad they are, it’s even worst now. They just come at the till and they don’t even saying “Hi” or “Hello”, they just go with “I want..”.

I love my hometown, there is my family and friends that knows me since..forever, but I don’t like the people that are there, I’ve never did.

So, that girl, sorry, didn’t understood anything because one of the best people that I know is british.



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