Living the healthy life: Day 6 I AM SUPER STRESSED


Yes, this is me inside, just because if I’ll scream like this outside someone will call the police.

Even if I am still trying to eat healthy, I had to buy some biscuits yesterday because I was having a lack of sugar. Anyway as much as I am stressed, I am trying to be positive even if 2014 is such a bitch with me. Everyday.  You have no idea how much I can’t wait for 2015 to come. I really need a fresh start, a new year, new hopes, new life, new friends. If I’ll tell you every single thing that happened to me this year and everyday keeps going, you will ask me “so why didn’t you leave and came back largehome?” because I have to fight my demons and if I don’t do that they will follow me everywhere I go. 
It happened when I left Rome to come here to London and it will happen always till I’ll face them. But even if it had been a bad year (yes, I know it still didn’t finish!), I’ve learned a lot, and especially I’ve learned who are my real friends, the ones that even when I reach the bottom and as much as I try I can’t be happy, they don’t judge me for it, even if I am not the best company, and they stay with me and try to make me laugh anyway.
Okay, I am getting lost here and emotional and revealing too much. So let’s go to the second point..

I’ve tried to keep healthy for 7 days, and it’s been hard because I was used to eat a lot of junk food so I have been really hungry, especially yesterday but potatoes and tuna made that up.large-2

Today I’ve made a pasta with peppers and tuna and tomato sauce. Really nice and delicious. You just have to cook tuna and peppers and tomato sauce al together at the same time.
It’s a bit heavy tho.

This is my last recipe because I guess I am getting Instead I will suggest some different things..

First, if you love books as much as me, you should register to this site:

They send you every day the best deal for ebooks. A lot of them are free, others are really cheap. Like REALLY REALLY cheap.

The second thing is that I’ve create an account with Netflix today..Best/worst decision of my life. haha
It still doesn’t have all the movies or tv shows, like there isn’t OTH and I am really disappointed, but there are a lot of movies and tv shows that I haven’t saw and now I can, just need to press play.

The first month is free and after that is just 7 pound at month. Really cheap for me. It’s less than going to the movies here. Even if I love going to the movies..okay I am getting lost as usual. I am already obsessed and the best thing is that I can watch it from my phone too. 




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