Living the healthy life: Day 3, 4 & 5

“O’ Captain, my Captain.” Sorry, I’ve just finished to watch “Dead Poets Society”..haha.

HELLOOOO! So, saying that I had crazy days it’s nothing, the past three days as been full like a whole week.

But I’ve did my best to keep healthy eating, except today that I had a panini at work but it was with mozzarella and pesto and olives so it was delicious and no fry things so..

Anyway, I haven’t did anything too particular in the past days, just rice with mushroom, spinach frittata and tonight I’ll do some potatoes with tuna, if I’ll be able to open the tuna since I’ve broke the open box, ssh don’t tell my flatmates!

I wanted to say thanks to my two friends: Deborah and Federica that suggested me two recipe. 

Deborah’s one was kind of meatballs without meat but potatoes and zucchini instead. This sound so delicious, I just need to have time to work on it. Maybe in the new flat. But I was so excited about it when she tweeted me that I’ve actually bought potatoes and peppers because I couldn’t find the zucchini. haha

Instead Federica’s recipe is a mix of veggies, you can choose the one that you prefer, and you just cut them all and put them together in a pan. I used to do that when I was in italy and sometimes me and my mom used to put them in the oven after that with some cheese or bread crumbs. And it’s delicious. I will actually have to do that again, thanks Fede for this ‘reminder’.

That’s it for today, I am working on a review for “The Fault in Our Stars” and I might gonna do one of “Dead Poets Society”.




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