Living the healthy life: Day 2

Hello guys! I wanted to write yesterday but I’ve been a bit busy with my laptop: looking for flats, catching with some tv shows and the night I’ve watched “The Fault in Our Stars” that I will review really soon.

Anyway, since I’ve cheated on saturday night and I had nachos because I was out with some friends, yesterday I ate healthy all day, and I’ve drunk a lot of water too.

First thing in the morning, I went to the supermarket. All healthy staff, like it’s the first time in almost 2 year that I am here, that I’ve actually didn’t buy any frozen food. Proud of myself. 

My grocery is really nothing special:

– Pasta (in my veins I am still italian! haha)

– Tomato sauce

– Fresh spinach, not the frozen one

– Peppers

– Mushrooms (that a friend of mine used yesterday night. Even if I wanted to cook them in a different way but whatever they were delicious anyway! Not really healthy tho.)

– Eggs

– Potatoes

– 2l still water

– Tuna

And I guess that’s all, not that much staff but anyway with pasta I can go on for a couple of days. Like today I have some leftover of yesterday at lunch.

So the receipe from yesterday it’s easy as well, I might gonna make something more different tomorrow.

Pasta with tomatoes


– Pasta (DUH!)

– Tomatoes or cherry tomatoes

– Parmesan

– Oil

– Mix of herbs

So you are gonna need two pans, one for the water for the pasta and one for the tomatoes. 
First chopped the tomatoes, your preference, it could be little pieces or big ones. Then put some oil in the pan, not too much or they are gonna be fried tomatoes, turn on the gas and after one or two minutes pour tomatoes in the pan and leave them there for a while, with a really low gas so IMG_8918that they are not gonna burn.

Meanwhile put the water in the other pan and wait for it to boil.

When you see that the tomatoes start to cook and get a bit darker, put a mix of herbs, it doesn’t matter which one, your preferences, I have this mix of herbs that supposed to be for chicken but I like them with everything, then you can live the tomatoes for 5 minutes more and then turn it off. 

When the pasta is cooked, drip it and then pour it in the pan with the tomatoes, turn on the gas again and add some parmesan, if you like it, so it’s gonna melt a bit. IMG_0006

At the end, if you love parmesan as much as me, you can add some more.

That’s it, really easy.



P.S.: yesterday night I had a steak with mushroom, tomatoes and a few chips. Not too many. 


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