Living the healthy life: Day 1

Hello guys! How are you? I am trying to have a life while I am always working and out of money and looking for another flat for the 4th time! So..kinda busy! haha

Anyway, since I’ve been super busy and out of money, lately I’ve been always in a rush, different hours at work so I haven’t eat properly. Let’s say that I was taking whatever I had in the fridge and put with pasta to pretend to myself that I was eating IMG_0002 copyhealthy, or eating pizza more than one time at week because it’s cheap and it’s easy to cook (just put in the oven and wait!). 

So I’ve decided to start a week of only veggies, and maybe a big great steak that it’s always good. And I have to start again to drink more water, you may think that doesn’t help and I thought that too but it actually does and you will understand when you are thirsty instead of hungry, that it seems the same thing sometimes.

Anyway, get to the chase Francesca, I was thinking that I will update the blog in base of what I am gonna eat. And write down some recipe, all easy staff, nothing too complicated.

I need to do the grocery first, it’s on my list, and I will make a list of all the things that I need but let’s start with the first recipe.

Today I had pasta with green beans, I love green beans, always loved them. Unfortunately, here in London, I am always buying the frozen one so if you cook them 5 seconds more they just start to break but they are always good.


– Pasta, any type

– green beans

– salt

– parmesan

– oil

(and you could add chili if you like spicy)


So the procedure it’s fine, take two pans, fill them with water and put salt in both of them, not to much tho or it’ll be too salty.

You could put the beans before the water start to boil if you have something else to do meanwhile. Or the best option is to wait for the water to boil and then put beans and water.

It’s better if you start with the beans first, since it takes a bit more than the pasta. (10-15 minutes max)IMG_0001 copy

After everything is cooked, you drip the green beans, not too much so that the pasta won’t be dry too, and put them in the pasta. Add some oil and parmesan. 

And voilà your healthy pasta is ready. And it will taste delicious.

Note: I like the pasta al dente, because I don’t like it too much cooked.

I will go to the grocery tonight or tomorrow and I’ll let you know what I’ve bought.

if you have any recipe that you wanna share, let me know here or on twitter.




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