Vidding: just put your heart in it.

Hello guys, today I am gonna talk about one of my biggest passion: making videos.

I’ve started vidding when I was 16 circa, just playing with windows movie maker, that program that seemed so complicated at that time.

My first video was about one of my first ships “Buffy and Angel” with an italian song “Stella Gemella” by Eros Ramazzotti and Gemelli Diversi. I still remember that the video was so bad, the scenes weren’t following the music and viceversa.

I’ve decided to show my videos to the “world” and I’ve put them on youtube, but my first account got deleted after less than a year for copyright infringement or whatever they call it, not that I was doing anything illegal, I just wanted to show my love for my favorite tv shows or actor\actresses.

My first account name was: OTHNALEY4EVER. (All my accounts are about my only true love “One Tree Hill” 😛


Then I was liking so much making videos that I wanted to get better, so I’ve started working with Windows Movie Maker, looking on youtube for tutorial, watching other videos from different accounts.

And then I’ve started to keep watching all these videos with a lot of effects and colors that Windows Movie Maker didn’t have, so I’ve looked in all the descriptions and then I found it, there it was “Sony Vegas Pro”.

I think I fell in love with that program in the moment I’ve started using it. Till now I think I’ve used all the version of it, maybe not the last one because I can’t have it on my MacBook (really sad me, but if you know how, contact me!!!!).

The favorite things that I like to vid are One Tree Hill and Monchele. I haven’t vid the last one since, well we know, but the videos about them are the most seen of my account. And I couldn’t be more proud. My last video about them was I think before I was moving to London or something like that, two years ago.

After youtube deleted my account (I was really angry that day!), I’ve decided to create a new one: GirlBehindRedDoor23, that I used to call even “TrueLoveAlways production” as hopeless romantic I am. And I wanted that my first video was about the actor James Lafferty, because I’ve never made a video about him before.

Then I’ve kept trying to learn as much as possible with tutorial, asking people what effects they used. Being really annoying practically.  A few things happened that made me really happy and they were like the three people that I think are the best vidder on youtube asked me to do a collab with them or made a video dedicated to me and I

(You should check their account btw: elepatro, ItalianRory, jennprodz01.)

Till now I have 135 videos post it on youtube, and I think I have made at least 500 or more. I wanna start to vid about my private life tho now, shoot videos with my iPhone or camera and just put them together after.

This was one of the hardest video that I’ve made, I was like I’ve turned all my emotions off when I’ve made it.

I don’t think that I am a great vidder, I just put all my heart in every single video. I haven’t vidded a lot in the past two years, for a lot of different reasons, but I really miss it.

If you wanna vid but you never tried before, please start if you really wanna do it, you don’t have to be good, you just need to put your heart in every single video.



P.s.: This is definitely the more vulnerable video that I’ve ever made. It took me a year to finish it.


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