The era of the 90s

With the death of Robin Williams, I’ve just realised something (actually loasarah-michelle-gellar-robin-williamsds of things but especially this one)..

I couldn’t be more proud to have growing up with one of the best generation ever. I mean, the kids from the 21st century can’t understand how amazing was staying up late nights to watch movies like Jumanji or Titanic or Home Alone. Even if we had school the day after. And really fighting with parents to see the entire movie and we were promising that we would have wake up early anyway.

In the era of the iPhones, androids, tablets etc..they can’t understand how lucky we were if weSONY DSC actually had ONE computer in our house. When we actually had telephone that couldn’t fit in your pocket or GameBoy Color was a revolution. Because it was different from the black and white.

There were games like PacMan or Tetris or Snake that seemed the best and most complicated games of all time, at that time.

We grew up in a era where there wasn’t this social media craziness. imagesWhen people didn’t have too much power to be so much mean behind a screen. When stars didn’t have to show that they were going to rehab to have attention on them.

Personally, I’ve grew up with music, movies and food. I’ve never cared and I’ll never care about my weight, or how do I look. I am who I am. I grew up with principles that you are who you are and that’s okay. That you have to do your best for everything and if something goes wrong, you can just learn from it.

Sometimes I wish I was born before like in the 80s, because I actually find myself better hanging out with older people than of my age.

Are you from the 90s? What it’s your favorite memory?




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