Robin Williams

I am truly speechless for the loss of the best comedy actor that Hollywood ever had: Robin Williams.

I’ve grew up watching movies like Mrs. Doubtfire or Jumanji or Flubber and loads more. And I was actually really happy about his last tv show “The crazy ones” and the chemistry that he had with all of the cast.

I’ve actually thought that it was renewed for another season and just today I’ve knew about the fact that it been cancelled.

Of course, I’ve saw Aladdin, but unfortunately I’ve saw it in italian, that means that it wasn’t his voice, but at the end we had the Genie character because of him.

I am truly, unbelievable, shocked about this news. And all the tweets that I’ve read today were heartbreaking.

All the article, online and paper, were really great.

“Cory Monteith. L’Wren Scott. Peaches Geldof. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. And now, Robin Williams. Hollywood has seen too much self-inflicted death over the past twelve months.” – Marie writes in an article about depressionBuz3aJ-CMAAb8TL

The most heartbreaking thing, after his daughter picture on instagram,

it was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s statement. At the beginning she didn’t say anything, she just posted a picture on twitter but then.

“My life is a better place because I knew Robin Williams. To my children he was Uncle Robin, to everyone he worked with, he was the best boss anyone had ever known, and to me he was not just an inspiration but he was the Father I had always dreamed of having. There are not enough adjectives to describe the light he was, to anyone that ever had the pleasure Buy-ClJCcAAjx8zto meet him. I will miss him everyday, but I know the memory of him will live on. And to his family, I thank them for letting us know him and seeing the joy they brought him. Us crazy ones love you.”

That made me fight to not cry at work.
My thoughts goes to his family, friends and fans. All of them, especially the one that grew up with his movies.

And I just wanna say, what I even wrote on twitter today, that you’ll never know the secrets behind a smile. That you can laugh everyday, but that doesn’t mean that you are really happy.

President Obama statement was great too: “He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalised on our own streets.”

People will always judge without knowing, I am not gonna look for any kind of drama on twitter and you shouldn’t too.


“Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin”





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