Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.

I’ve moved to London in October 2012, a week after I’ve moved I went to Tyler Hilton concert because I needed to meet someone from, what I think is the best tv show ever!

Of course, I couldn’t imagine than a year after I would have meet all the cast, or at least most of them, and saw Tyler again and have to chance to go to his concert again.

Anyway, it was one of the best concert ever for loads of reasons.
First of all, it was the first concert in London and I thought it was a sign that I could, somehow, make all my dreams come true in London.
(Even if I’ve just understood that if you are not gonna chase what you want, you won’t get it!)

Dion Roy opened that concert and it was really good. I still remember his cover of chasing cars: speechless.

When Tyler came on stage..saying that I was screaming like a 16 years old, it doesn’t explain what exactly I was doing. I was so happy! I couldn’t imagine that I was seeing one of my favorite character of my favorite tv show ever! (Yes, I love Chris Keller!)

I still remember screaming “Chris Keller can do it all babe! Haha

His songs, his new album was (still is) amazing. But I remember that I’ve started to listen to all the songs, days before the concert and I’ve found out this amazing, romantic, perfect song called “Prince of nothing charming” (and just a year later I saw him singing it to his girlfriend, now fiancée).

The best part of the concert was when he sung “when the stars go blue” and he mentioned Bethany Joy Lenz (me=crazy person screaming), anyway, he decided to duet with us. And it was amazing. And he smiled when we were singing all the words.
You’ve gotta love him.

Well, guys, I just have to say that if you have a chance to go to see a concert of this great singer, you have to! He loves his fans so much that after the concert, he decided to stay more and just make a sign session for everybody.

I was shacking like a little girl and I have my friend that can assure you that I was going mental, because just the chance to talk to him, I was so nervous.
Shoutout to the girl who borrowed me some cash at the moment to buy his album because the cash machine wasn’t working! (DUH! My bad luck is everywhere but in this case I’ve just ignored it!)

And when I was in front of him, he is and handsome guy, like hot type LOL, and he asked me where I was from and we talked a bit. He was so nice.

And a year later, I had the chance to talk to him again and took a picture and saw him in concert again but I have to say, the second time was an half an hour concert. I wasn’t really happy.

I am looking forward to another concert here in London.

“Believe that dreams come true every day. Because they do.”

P.S.: My friend took this video because I was shacking!


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