A new song means hope.

You know the feeling when you discover a new song and you can’t stop listen to it?

Well, I don’t remember last time I’ve felt like this. Since I am here in London I am not that much update with music, just the hit of the moment because you can listen to them everywhere. Before I was more update, maybe even because I wasn’t working and I had a lot of free time. (Memory lane here lol)

Anyway, right now I am truly obsessed with two songs. One is very old, the other one is from this year, I think (or last).

Number one is Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift (yes, again! I love her music. What can I do, man?)

The second one (no it’s not a joke) is Highway don’t care by Tim McGraw and..Taylor Swift (LOL!!! DUH!! Don’t hate me please!)
And I am currently obsessed with this one because I’ve spent all day listening to it.

Anyway the point is that I love this feeling of a new song that you can’t stop listen to it and that when you try to change song on your iPod, you just came back to listen it again because the other songs are lame and boring for you.

It’s the feeling that there is still hope in the world, that something better will come always. That you are meant to be happy, no matter what. And that you don’t have to wait that something will come but live and fight everyday, even doing the same things, something will change one day, even with the same old, boring routine.

This week for me, it was this song, it seems stupid and silly but it’s not. There is still something good for me. And it will happen soon.

When I was living with my parents in my hometown, my dad used to hate when I was obsessed with just a few songs. He used to come to my room and begged me to change playlist.
It was really funny.



“You’re trying to stay awake so I bet you turn on the radio
And the song goes

I can’t live without you, I can’t live without you, baby
I can’t live without you, I can’t live without you, baby, baby

The highway won’t hold you tonight
The highway don’t know you’re alive
The highway don’t care if you’re all alone
But I do, I do.
The highway won’t dry your tears
The highway don’t need you here
The highway don’t care if you’re coming home
But I do, I do.”


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