Fifty Shades Trailer.

You can see it in every social media today. Everybody is talking about it. The movie that everybody is waiting for. 

We had a date release at the beginning of the year and now the trailer is finally out and..who is not freaking out?

I am not the biggest fan of the saga (I’ve actually didn’t wanna read at the beginning) and I still think that it’s really bad writing, the story is good but the writing..mmm..but it takes you so much (and we all know why!)

Jamie Dornan plays Mr. Grey, I mean, even if I wanted Matt Bomer, it’s always a good way to make your day better seeing Jamie..well, you have to watch the trailer for that.

Dakota Johnson seems good for this role. But I need to wait the full movie for being sure about everything. 

I am actually wondering if, at the end, we will be all disappointed because we are expecting too much.

Are you waiting for the movie? Are you going to watch it? With who? 

I think this is a perfect movie for a girl night out and just giggle about it. 




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