It’s never too late to change your mind

Hello everybody,

I’ve decided that the first post on my new blog will be just an introduction of myself. Nothing too deep or important, just general knowledge of who I am and what I like.

My name is Francesca, I am 23 years old, I am Italian, I was born in Rome and I’ve always lived there except for the past two years where I lived (and current living) in London.

My big passion are tv shows and you may think “yeah mine too so?!” well, I actually wanna make a career because of them, I still have to start unfortunately but like Alan Rickman said at Giffoni Film Festival today: “It’s never too late to change your mind”. And no, I don’t wanna become an actress, I wanna be the person behind the camera: director.

I love music too, is part of my life everyday, and it saved me so many times from not reaching the bottom completely and it teach me how to raise from the ground and how to actually feel everything.
And I have the perfect quote for that, Kristen Chenoweth said to Lea Michele a year ago: “Music will heal everything”.

I used to have a blog years ago, but it was more about my being 16 and stupid and childish. This blog (I hope) will be more about the amazing and hard and unbelievable experience that I am living and lived during these years.

Right now I am focusing on my dream, I am trying to write a book and I wanna try to write a script. And I wanna start to shoot something, to do something that will make me believe that I can. That everybody started from not knowing and that you just learn, trying. Coldplay sings: “But if you never try you’ll never know”.

Well, it’s everything for this first post. I will upload every time I can. I hope I can write even from my phone. I am gonna look for an app.




“Every choice in her life, every decisions, was for make happy someone else. Twenty-two years old and she never thought about her self, she always put someone else on the first place.
Because of that, she had been hurt a lot of times, but everytime she was raising up from the ground again and again, stronger than ever, everytime; she always found the strength in her parents, in her sister and in her friends.”



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